A gloomy rainy day, with a pinch of motivation

I had never intended to share photos on this blog. It is not often that one gets a good subject and perfect conditions, given the busy-bee lives that we live (unless you are a professional, or a passionate shutterbug ๐Ÿ˜€ ). But sometimes, one does get serendipitous, and on this fine occasion, I was lucky enough to have a camera handy. Not a fancy camera, just the stock camera which comes with the mobile phones these days; good enough for a casual snap. But hey, these cameras have come a long way. Speaking of which, here’s another gorgeous snap, taken with a phone camera. While you are at it, do take a look around the blog. You’ll find a whole gamut of awesome articles. ( Added bonus: You can submit your’s too, if you are so inclined ;). And yes, I did a guest post too. My first one! )

Alright, I am done with the ranting. Here is the picture I was able to capture on a gloomy day, a glass window adorned with rain drops:


That looks like a picture that could do well with some motivational text plastered across it. After all, that seems to be the norm – take a picture, give it a retro feel, and put some text on it that will leave the shutterbugs cussing and the wordsmiths thinking. So here’s your dose of motivation (picture edited using Gimp):

Some People Feel the Rain. Others Just Get Wet
Some People Feel the Rain. Others Just Get Wet

[The quote has been attributed to Bob Marley and Bob Dylan apart from Roger Miller. The team at Quote Investigator has done a great job to give a definitive attribution.]


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  1. Lovely shot! The only way it could be made more awesome is by straightening out the lines in the background. Gives me an idea for a nice click ๐Ÿ™‚

    Akhil Kalsh. http://1hw.in

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