And then, she said yes….

I have known her for nearly an year now. Even so, the time I have spent with her is a very small fraction of this duration. I meet her once in a month, when I visit my hometown. Nevertheless, her enthusiasm and ardour each time we meet is flattering. It’s like the period of separation between our meetings never existed.

I am going to meet her today again. A little time left till I reach my home. Let me tell you more about her till then.

As lovable and adorable she is, it should be said that she is not to be taken for granted – oh no. She knows how to hold her ground, and she demands respect. And you know what? She likes to be the center of attraction. And I have no problems with that; always ready to give her the attention she seeks – we are perfect with each other.

But this is not utopia, and we do have our little quarrels. In the end the fault is always mine – or so I have to admit – yes, she is stubborn at times too; but adorably so. She is a great companion, an ardent listener – a boon to have in these days. Whenever I narrate my problems and issues, she is all ears. I know I can trust her.

It’s the same story each time. After some time of togetherness, comes the time for separation. Each time, when the moment of departure comes, I can see the despair in her eyes. She becomes calm and quiet. Her usual ebullient self subsides down.

Oh well, time really flies when you are lost in memory. There, I have finally reached. I am at the gates and I can already hear her mirthful voice. I am going straight to see her.

She heard me coming. She turned her head and our eyes met.

My lips broke into a grin and so did hers.

I went to her and asked her, “Shall we go for a walk together?”. Β Her eager eyes lit up, and then, she said yes…

Standing on her hind legs in a greeting stretch, wagging her tail, drooping her ears and making a perfect round face… What is that, if not a yes?

She is Poppy, my puppy πŸ˜‰

And here’s a bonus dose of cuteness.. πŸ˜€

[Image courtesy: Original image of the couple courtesy of Seemann.
Original image of Poppy courtesy of Akhil Venugopal.]


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