Ever had that feeling, when you had a lot of ideas, ready to be put on paper – but somehow just can’t get them out? Then, as you sit dejected over your writer’s block, you see something, could be even a trivial everyday thing – but on this fine day, it gives you that push, to get things started. (While I am on the topic, here is a hilarious take on the ‘block’ 😀 )

This is exactly what happened when I saw this awesome picture by Akhil Kalsh. It made me think, and got me writing. Below is the poem. Critiques are welcome 🙂

On the wet sands of the beach
formed shadows true and long.
None was perfect and each-
a blur of strokes, thin and strong.

All the dark shades formed
whilst the sun was high and bright.
Not a single one stayed though,
as the day gave way to night.

It is all but a mirror of the world,
of the truth that is the human nature –
a dogma written in letters gold and old –
that no one is perfect, and trying to be, is a vain wager.

People come and people go – seldom do they stay,
count not on those who abound
as you bask in your heyday – they’ll fade away,
like the shadows that the nightfall drowned.

6 thoughts on “Shadows

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  1. Wow! Impressive stuff man, makes me think I should give one photo as a prompt for Project100 blogging contest and not a word. What do you think?

  2. loner we come .. loner we go… still the biggest pain is to accept the fact .. that even shadows do not promise to stay throughout .. why blame human bodies !!
    Absolutely marvelous !!

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