To NASA, with love

No, this is not a lettre d’amour; nor is NASA the name of my ladylove or of any damsel in distress. It is that NASA. I wrote a poem for them; a Haiku to be exact. In fact, a whole lot of people did.  They somehow had this lucrative idea of sending the names and select artistic creations of earthlings on a space craft to Mars. To woo the Martians? 😀 Probably not. But hey, not everyday you get a chance to leave a message across the inter-planetary space, do you? So, I left my name and a Haiku.

While my name is almost certain to end up in the “To abduct meet” list of some weird Martian (read: almost certain go aboard the MAVEN), the Haiku is a different case. Top three Haikus with most number of public votes (yeah, public votes) will be selected. Nevertheless, a try is a try, and I got a chic little certificate for participating 😉

You can view the Haiku here: To NASA, with love

Read it, if you like it, vote for it. And do read the other Haikus too. There are some awesome ones there. 🙂

Oh, and spread the word if you can. May the Haiku with best social muscle power win! 😉

Here’s my certificate for your perusal:

NASA MAVEN Go to Mars Certificate of participation
Looks cool, doesn’t it?

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