The dossiers of a shadow – an excerpt

It is time. I must do this now. The solitude that I feel in my mind is crushing me. It is a real pain when I see people all around me talking, laughing, crying, sharing their emotions. Listening to other’s woes. Being heard themselves. Blessed people. Who doesn’t long for a shoulder to cry on? It is worse when you are ostracised for no sin of yours.I keep saying these to myself; to justify my actions. I know I have made the right decisions. But there’s no one to tell that to me.

Solitude.. a bitter tonic sometimes
Solitude.. a bitter tonic sometimes

He should be here any time now. I just need to keep waiting. Like a child longing for that toy; I’ve been looking forward to this moment for a long time now. I Wish I could do this everyday. But I understand that is not how it is meant to be. I must however, fulfil my destiny. Today however, I am taking the risk. Who doesn’t love risks?

It is growing darker. Any time now. But what’s that? Do I hear a commotion? Not now! Things have a way of going wrong at the wrong time. Mr. Murphy had it right, I’ll say. It irks me so much when I have to get up just after settling down somewhere comfortably. Ruins the mood. I have to start over again . Not that it is anything new for me though.

Let me just see what’s going on. I am not going to interfere if I can help it. Or may be I don’t have to get up from here to see it. I am so forgetful. Let me close my eyes and concentrate. Ah! I can see. Just a wee bit closer.

“Freeze! Do not move.”

I almost jolted out of my trance. I could feel cold metal pressed against my neck.

Finally. What took you so long, Inspector?, I thought, as I got up.

A story was written for  1 Hundred Work’s Project Heroes initiative. This serves as a prologue for that. Read the remainder of the story here: Dossiers of a shadow – an excerpt. And do check out other stories listed there.

[Image courtesy: Original image of thoughts in solitude courtesy of hotblack]

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  1. Awesome prologue to the Project Superheroes series….btw do check out my comment on the Superhero story and let me know your thoughts…

    1. Hi Jairam.. Thanks for the comment… and sorry for the delay in replying to your comment on the projectheroes page. I’ll go through it and let you know 🙂

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