Dreams – a haiku

We have heard countless anecdotes on dreams. A good dream is more than just random images and sounds played in our minds. It is a morale booster. Like an inner voice which says that life is good and there are things to be achieved. Chasing your dreams is one of the best things you can do for yourselves. Some dreams are meant to stay that way. But some dreams can come true, provided we are willing to give it a go. Or else, we will have to see them remain dreams itself, and maybe even see others live our dreams. And you just stand and think, “that could have been me”.

Painting of life, faded by sands of time
Painting of life, faded by sands of time

Life painted with dreams
in brilliant hues, eroded
by the sands of time

[Image courtesy: Original image of the flowers courtesy of DTL]

26 thoughts on “Dreams – a haiku

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    1. Thanks Corinne 🙂 What I tried to convey was that if we do not put in effort to make our dreams a reality, we will have to see them being lived by others. Our dreams will remain dreams and will fade with time 🙂

      I am a dreamer too Corinne 😉

  1. A lot was spoken in just 5-7-5 ! Eroded by sands of time, these words have just a holistic sound to them. I loved the haiku and the editing on the picture 🙂


  2. I have found putting my life long dreams on the back burner has hampered my quality of life and sense of self. Recently I began creating my art again and it was amazing how happy it made me feel inside. I have wanted to be an artist since I was little. It was my dream. Recently I decided to do it again because I enjoyed it and I have found it really makes me happy. So for the first time since 1993, I am doing it.

  3. Dreamers are believers. And when you dream hard and long, dreams come true – perhaps not in the way you envisaged but they do come true! I’m glad I’m a dreamer.

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