Present is pleasant

After the previous post, I did not think I’ll return to a Haiku anytime soon. But life does not go entirely as you envisage, does it? A haiku prompt at the Write Tribe made me write one again. I must say it is a particularly challenging one. See for yourself, the picture that was given as the prompt:

Leaves and berries,  green and red,  will it be a Haiku? That I dread.
Leaves and berries, in
green and red;write a Haiku?
now, where is my muse?

That is a beautiful picture, thanks to the photography skills of PhenoMenon. So much to describe here. That is where it gets challenging. You have 3 lines and 17 syllables to put your thoughts across. Following is my interpretation:

Past is like a withered fruit. Once ripe, but now past its prime. Future on the other hand, is unripe; a mere bud. You have little idea what it will turn out to be. However, present is ripe and worth indulging on.

withered fruits of past
unripe buds of future, but
now is ripe, binge on

While this is officially the Haiku submitted for the prompt, I couldn’t help writing one more along the same lines. This is the second bonus Haiku (can you find the first one?)

blurred past, vague future
present is the median,
focus there instead

Head over to the Haiku prompt at Write Tribe to read some awesome ones on the prompt.


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  1. Haiku is one thing I might never get around to writing….to me it just doesn’t add up…But I have to say the caption is the best of the lot.

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