The heavens’ cry

Oftentimes, reality is a stark contrast to our dreams. We have a responsibility towards ourselves, a commitment to our dreams – that we would strive to make them a reality. But then, life does not give you a rose without a thorn. A little of this and a little of that, and then the idea of a nonet poem, mixed with the idea of allegory, and here’s the post. Well, what do we say, October has been a month of allegories (Here’s the first one in case you missed it).

The sky was bright, a vibrant azure
white clouds wandering aimlessly.
The earth beneath – lush and green.
Roses in full blossom,
red, sensuous; but
then I woke up-
it was all
in my

a sigh
I saw the
dried out roses, with
thorns that still gave a pang.
The ground, brown, robbed of its life,
shadowed by the dull grey rain clouds.
Heavens cry my mind’s whimpers aloud.

Reality does not quite look like dreams. But which is which?
Reality does not quite look like dreams. But which is which?

This is my first attempt at writing a nonet. Critiques are welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

Fellow blogger Preetilata Sarkar has written a wonderful tutorial on nonets at the Write Tribe. Check it out for the nonets – there are a bunch of awesome ones out there.

[Image courtesy: Above image edited using the originals from Biberta and nazka2002 ]


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  1. Very nice for a first attempt. I am never good at poetry, so I never even try…but this one is excellent. Of course Pree would be able to tell you about the technicalities ๐Ÿ™‚

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