Life, pictured

It has been a hard day. That isn’t something new though. This sweltering heat has only made things harder. People don’t seem to be very helpful these days. Everyone is concerned about their own well being. But then again, I have learned that it is the norm. The uncertainty in my life is shocking sometimes. You have no idea how long I have to keep roaming around till I get enough for the day.

Well I have roamed around enough. My legs can’t carry me anymore.  Let me just rest for a while. Oh these people! Why do they have to make such commotion everytime! Just as I am about to rest my tired legs. What is going on? Oh! why are they beating that little child? She seems so poor and impoverished. She doesn’t even have proper clothes to wear. And what is she clutching in her tiny hands? A piece of bread? Oh! So that’s it! Poor thing. Why can’t they just let her have it? Such selfishness in this world.

Now who is this new character? A lady, looks very modest in appearance. She seems to have joined the ruckus too. But wait, she seems to be protecting the child. Is that her mother? Doesn’t look so. But surely no less in nobility. This makes my spirits soar. She seems to have paid for the piece of bread and a little more too. What a nice soul.  Oh she is not finished, is she? Why can’t I stop grinning! Her enthusiasm is so infectious! There she is, taking out some clothes from her carry bag, and giving it to the child. Ah! and the bangles in her hand too. Such a rare sight! and so much warmth. Why am I not feeling tired anymore?

She is moving on now? Let me follow her. May be she will give me something too. Such a nice lady after all. Oh, she is crossing the road? God! this traffic! Wait lady.. Ah! finally, crossed the road and still alive. Now where’s she? Oh, there she is! Having lunch on the bench? What a timing. Not a bad day after all. Okay, seems like she has seen me. comes the morsels. More please!

Such a nice meal after a long gap. Feeling so tired and full now. The nice lady has already started sleeping. Let me give her some company. Not that I am lazy or anything, but who doesn’t love an afternoon nap? The shade of this bench is perfect. I’ll curl up there. Who knows? She might decide to treat me again when she wakes up. We make a nice pair, don’t we? People seem amused. I can even see a chap pull out his camera. Getting a picture of me? Too bad I am colour blind.

Life, pictured
Life, pictured

This post was written as part of the 100Linky project at 1HundredWorks. The prompt was the picture above. Check out the linky page here.


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    1. I don’t know if I should consider that as a compliment 🙂 But thanks a lot for reading and for your feedback. The photograph is by Akhil Kalsh of 1HundredWorks 🙂

  1. That’s such an interesting story. A nice take on the prompt.

    What’s always such a pleasure to read your work is that such minute detailing is done to the work that one is connected to it immediately. Great work done with this one as well. 🙂

    Good luck!

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