The April checkpoint

Time flies. Clichéd? Yes, but true nevertheless. A blink of an eye and a quarter is over. Was it not just a few days back that we had ushered in the new year? The year is already more than three months old! Wow! At the start of the year, I had made a resolution.. nay, that’s trite again. The point is, I had consciously made a decision to spent more time on things I loved. On the top of the list were writing and music.

Atleast in the case of music, I am satisfied with my efforts. My escapades during my guitar training – I’ll leave those for a later post though. As for writing… have you noticed this blog was running dry? No? Well it was. There was a bad case of detachment where I would begin writing something and before getting out the first para, I’ll scrap it off. Not good for something that was on the top of my list. This April checkpoint is in part an effort to get me back to writing as well. Things are looking good already, as I have agreed to write two guest posts this April – which is pretty good, since there is a deadline and the sense of obligation should give the necessary push.

April was special for one other reason too. On the 1st of April, The Museum Piece completed one year of its existence. Well we had a quiet celebration, me and the thinker – stuffed ourselves with food and our minds with reading material.

Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me

It was a perfect topping for an involuntarily-induced-but-much-wanted break ( ha! as if he was churning out posts every other day! – you thought that, didn’t you? 🙄 😀 but yeah I needed some space.. to think and reorganize ). Believe me, I had some idea of writing a small fiction work and posting it as a downloadable ebook or something. You know, as a token of love for the love that was showered on this museum piece (You do visit this site for reading stories, don’t you? What? You don’t? *awkward* ). But my muse had has gone into hiding somewhere. Nothing materialized. The idea is there though, and I’ll eventually get around to it.


I just noticed that I used the word ‘quarter’ at the beginning. Couldn’t help but feel a bit let down. April used to signify the onset of summer vacations. Mangoes – green and raw, yellow and ripe. Playing cricket – in teams, in pairs or ball against the wall –  scorching heat or thundering rains notwithstanding. Ferns and mosses growing along walls – the tiny ones with bulbous hook -like heads with which we engaged in ‘battles’. And now, it is just the beginning of the next quarter? How drab that sounds. Sigh.


Now to calm the mind..the mug of green tea is ready. There’s a Nicholas Spark lying over there – not my usual genre, but should be a nice change from the Lee Childs and Matthew Rileys. But then there’s this Bon Jovi playlist. Bon Jovi wins. Let it be Bed of roses till I drift off to sleep.


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  1. Congratulations! Is it only a year? You are such a brilliant writer – and you know I don’t dish out compliments for nothing!
    Summer’s here and I hope you’re muse comes out (I saw her just peep from her hiding place) and stays for the rest of year!
    Nicholas Sparks and Lee Childs – love them both!

  2. I know you are kidding when you say it has only been a year Vaisakh. We need you back on the blogging arena, I do come here to read your stories and you know that. Book or no book we want your stories, the book will materialize when the time is right.

    Happy Birthday to the Thinker 😀 I kinda like him in this festive get up 😛

  3. Congratulations on your 1st Blogoversary, Vaisakh. It is good to read something different from your regular genre, brings about a refreshing change, so go on and enjoy your special day with Sparks and Bon Jovi. Cheers 🙂

  4. Hearty congratulations on your first birthday, your blog’s 🙂 Isn’t our blog our virtual notebook? We share our deep and innermost thoughts and feelings here, sometimes in the guise of fiction and creative writing but we expose bits and pieces of our souls here. Your muse is waiting for you to catch up, hurry and start running 🙂

  5. So we have officially been friends for an year now…
    And you just reminded me that 1Hw turned a year too….and completed 300 posts…..That’s how bad I am caught up with work.

  6. A bit late, but nevertheless much better than never, I suppose eh? Happy Blog-e-versary Mr. Thinking Man. Good lord, it’s been a while since I’ve been to museum piece and I’m glad I did. Your writing style is pretty unique (did I say awesome too?).
    As for the “quarter-syndrome” – fact of Corporate life buddy. I’m officially completing one year of being away from the Corporate gig and for me, every day is a new day. To be honest though, it does come with its challenges. But you are far too young to realise that now 🙂 Keep writing, and visiting 😛

    1. Thanks a lot Sid.. and great to see you here 🙂 Good that you are enjoying your non-corporate life.. 😀 and you know I’ll keep coming around for reading your stories.. 😉

      1. Oh in the case – at the risk of shameless marketing it, there’s a new one up. A “fantasy fiction” if you please 😛
        *admonishes himself with the shameless marketing*

  7. Belated B’day to your blog. Ah! so you are a guitarist ….great I love the instrument and did learn a little too :). And just like you I had and then dropped the idea of publishing an ebook and the reason was lame , I was too lazy to sit down and type but someday a time will come to do what I really believe in. And must say that your blog’s title museumpiece is attractive 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot, Uma 🙂 Guitarist – yes, an aspiring/amateur one.. 😀 happy to meet another fellow guitarist too.. Good luck for your ebook. Hope it materializes soon and we all get to read it 🙂

  8. Congrats on your blog’s birthday. I have also neglected my photo and poetry blog – must get back to blogging there again. Hope you had a good rest on your bed of roses!

  9. wah!!! Happy happy Belated anniversary!!!!
    and u take guitar classes!! WOW ..i did notice the guitar holding u on the header 😀
    and the thinker looks too busy to celebrate 😛

    1. Thanks a lot Red! 😀 Yeah.. I shifted back to guitar recently.. but.. err.. “guitar holding me”?! was the guitar too large? 😛 Oh, the thinker is doing what he does the best – thinking.. 😀

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