Conditional love

We hear about this a lot, don’t we? “I’ll love you forever* (conditions apply)” People who overlook the fine print ends up in a well of misery, atleast for a while. And then there is the oh-so-fabled unconditional love.

This following short piece is a fictional take on Conditional love written for the Write Tribe prompt. This was in part inspired by a 140 character fiction I wrote on Twitter some days back:


So here’s the story for the prompt:

Sitting on the edge of the creaky cot, he checked the message on his phone from his client: “She loved me for my money. Let the same money pay for her last ride.”

How strange, he thought as flipped through to find the  photo of his intended victim. He identified the pale skinned, green-eyed girl who had visited him a day ago with a similar contract. Strange that the same target should now approach him with a contract to finish off that lady.

No dearth of blood money as long as love is built on if’s and but’s, he thought.


Remember the guest posts I was talking about? Well, I wrote one of those, and oddly enough, it is something to do with Unconditional love. Here is the first para:

“The black sedan was cruising along the mostly empty roads of Hampshire. It was early summer and the sun was just out, bathing the English countryside in a graceful yellow. The golden tinge and the slight morning haze added to the beauty of the lush green fields and the occasional panoply of trees. Adam was behind the wheel, concentrating on the road ahead. Rachel, his wife, sat beside him on the front, busy with her phone. The only noise inside the car came from the back, where their daughter Iris was having an animated discussion with her grandfather.”

If you would like to read the complete story, please do visit this link: The King Proteas


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