The dessert

It had been an unusually busy day at the Sagar restaurant. The inky blue sky showed no trail of the vibrant transformation it underwent throughout the day. The pleasant blue sky of the morning had metamorphosed into a large swatch of yellows and oranges and greyish-purples by the evening. All the while, the people kept coming in.

The restaurant was open well past its normal hours. The handful of workers, including the manager himself were kept busy by the incessant flow of patrons. The frantic activity in the restaurant was mirrored in the kitchen, where the cooks were working and coordinating like a well-oiled machine, albeit in a frenzied manner. Sankar anna, the senior most in the ranks was running from table to table, catering to the needs of the customers, and simultaneously giving orders to the other, less experienced workers. He was the linchpin that kept this entire system running smoothly.

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