Fate’s musings

We humans have an amazing sense of perseverance. In spite of adversities people carry on, knowing well that the path ahead would be no more easier than what was behind. So much so that probably fate, if it could ever wonder, like humans do (no, not the song), it would probably be something like this:

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Hounds that hound

Hounds that hound – does that sound creepy? We are talking about hounding and not haunting, still the word hound sends a chill down the spine. Probably like the Holy Cow, this has to do with my encounters with the canine kind.

For the record, I like dogs – the ones that roam around in your house and mind their own business, the ones that do not grow like a bull (yeah, they maybe cute and cuddly and all.. but with all those muscle power behind fang like teeth, you never know, do you? *shudders*), even the stray ones that saunter around not bothering to waste more than a second staring at you. They don’t bother me, and I don’t pester them. I may even pet them, if the pooch is familiar enough. See – it is a win-win! But all this wisdom came from some bitter lessons. And it turns out, I am still learning.

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Holy cow!

Cows – the gentle giants. Dogs – loyal than your own shadow. What could possibly go wrong? Everything, apparently. Such have been my encounters with these fellow beings that my body goes into a fight or flee mode as soon as I see one of these. My brain only registers the rope or the leash a second later. I have got my priorities right, and how.

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The April checkpoint

Time flies. Clichéd? Yes, but true nevertheless. A blink of an eye and a quarter is over. Was it not just a few days back that we had ushered in the new year? The year is already more than three months old! Wow! At the start of the year, I had made a resolution.. nay, that’s trite again. The point is, I had consciously made a decision to spent more time on things I loved. On the top of the list were writing and music.

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The lunch

Little Amy couldn’t wait for the lunch break to start. Her Mom had prepared her favourite dishes for her. She opened her lunch box as soon as the bell rang. The aroma of the assorted non-veg platter was quite tempting . It was all she could not to drool over. God! How she hated eating vegetables!

A few blocks away from the school, Anne and her friends were having lunch in the office cafeteria. As she picked up a spoonful of beetroot curry, she couldn’t help but chuckle imagining Amy’s reaction when she finds the hidden vegetable curry beneath the rice.

This is a work of fiction (well, not entirely..this author has gone through similar situations. Several times.), written for the Write Tribe 100 words on Saturday prompt “She had the last laugh”.

By the way, who, do you think had the last laugh here? Amanda? Or Anne? 😉

Sunset over Vembanad lake – photo

Call me lazy. Perhaps it is another bout of ‘ideas running dry’. Or the realization that the year is finally winding down. Maybe because I haven’t shared a photo recently? Now that I’ve got enough excuses laid down, here’s a picture of the Sun setting over the Vembanad lake.

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Dreams – a haiku

We have heard countless anecdotes on dreams. A good dream is more than just random images and sounds played in our minds. It is a morale booster. Like an inner voice which says that life is good and there are things to be achieved. Chasing your dreams is one of the best things you can do for yourselves. Some dreams are meant to stay that way. But some dreams can come true, provided we are willing to give it a go. Or else, we will have to see them remain dreams itself, and maybe even see others live our dreams. And you just stand and think, “that could have been me”.

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A passionate story teller and his timeless music

Year 2010. Dhwani, the cultural fest of CET was going on in full flourish. We were gathered in one of the outdoor auditoriums where the stage had been set for one of the most recognizable (and one of the best) rock bands from this part of the world. The stage was dark, and there was silence all around. Okay, not exactly silence – hushed talks and chatter, yes – but no sound of music. Then, in the most unexpected of moments, the mellifluous guitar intro of Mindstreet filled the air. The stage light burned bright and we saw them. Motherjane had taken the stage, and by the end of the gig that day, our hearts.

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