Fate’s musings

We humans have an amazing sense of perseverance. In spite of adversities people carry on, knowing well that the path ahead would be no more easier than what was behind. So much so that probably fate, if it could ever wonder, like humans do (no, not the song), it would probably be something like this:

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The heavens’ cry

Oftentimes, reality is a stark contrast to our dreams. We have a responsibility towards ourselves, a commitment to our dreams – that we would strive to make them a reality. But then, life does not give you a rose without a thorn. A little of this and a little of that, and then the idea of a nonet poem, mixed with the idea of allegory, and here’s the post. Well, what do we say, October has been a month of allegories (Here’s the first one in case you missed it).

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Dreams – a haiku

We have heard countless anecdotes on dreams. A good dream is more than just random images and sounds played in our minds. It is a morale booster. Like an inner voice which says that life is good and there are things to be achieved. Chasing your dreams is one of the best things you can do for yourselves. Some dreams are meant to stay that way. But some dreams can come true, provided we are willing to give it a go. Or else, we will have to see them remain dreams itself, and maybe even see others live our dreams. And you just stand and think, “that could have been me”.

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A note to my past self

I knew this time would come. I was having a bad case of writer’s block. Heavy rains lashing out viciously on the window panes did nothing to clear my clogged mind. Nor did the hot cup of green tea I was sipping. To get some inspiration, I had to look back; again. Rummaging through some of my old effects, I came across a diary – a very old one – the book in which I had scribbled some of my earliest poems. Rhythmically broken and grammatically imperfect – but mine, nonetheless.

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To NASA, with love

No, this is not a lettre d’amour; nor is NASA the name of my ladylove or of any damsel in distress. It is that NASA. I wrote a poem for them; a Haiku to be exact. In fact, a whole lot of people did.  They somehow had this lucrative idea of sending the names and select artistic creations of earthlings on a space craft to Mars. To woo the Martians? 😀 Probably not. But hey, not everyday you get a chance to leave a message across the inter-planetary space, do you? So, I left my name and a Haiku.

While my name is almost certain to end up in the “To abduct meet” list of some weird Martian (read: almost certain go aboard the MAVEN), the Haiku is a different case. Top three Haikus with most number of public votes (yeah, public votes) will be selected. Nevertheless, a try is a try, and I got a chic little certificate for participating 😉

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Rags and riches

Wealth is a very subjective term. Are the people we think to be rich, really that rich? What is the definition of being rich anyway? Is it something that can be measured only in monetary terms? A lot of questions there, and I am probably getting too philosophical about this. Anyway, quite a few posts which I saw in the recent past prompted me to think along these lines. This quote in particular. I am not able to dig out those other posts now (I know, my bad). If you find something relevant, I would love to know. Here is a poem which is the end result of my thoughts. Critiques are welcome 🙂

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Ever had that feeling, when you had a lot of ideas, ready to be put on paper – but somehow just can’t get them out? Then, as you sit dejected over your writer’s block, you see something, could be even a trivial everyday thing – but on this fine day, it gives you that push, to get things started. (While I am on the topic, here is a hilarious take on the ‘block’ 😀 )

This is exactly what happened when I saw this awesome picture by Akhil Kalsh. It made me think, and got me writing. Below is the poem. Critiques are welcome 🙂

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