When life paid a visit

A little conversation I had with life. There’s something for you in between. A little gift from us bloggers. If you can’t stand my rambling, jump right on to it. Though I would prefer if you read this through.

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Sunset over Vembanad lake – photo

Call me lazy. Perhaps it is another bout of ‘ideas running dry’. Or the realization that the year is finally winding down. Maybe because I haven’t shared a photo recently? Now that I’ve got enough excuses laid down, here’s a picture of the Sun setting over the Vembanad lake.

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The free bird

Mind – arguably the most powerful, yet mysterious conundrum of nature. My mind takes me on fascinating journeys at times. On this lazy Saturday, I have been lying on my back on the sands of the Marina beach, seeing nothing but flocks of birds flying past. Like a video clip put on a loop, the birds kept coming. My mind kept humming the Lynyrd Skynyrd staple, Freebird. It’s been long since I visited Chennai. I remember coming here long back, for my cousin’s wedding. Now, years later, back again to fulfil a forgotten rendezvous with my longtime friend, Ramanathan.

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Drink up me hearties, Yo ho!

Jack Sparrow – that quick-witted, swaggering pirate with an eye for treasure (and trouble, if you will). Now, who doesn’t love him? Nimble and resourceful, but always written off by the foes; and yet, he manages to ace it all, when the time comes. Shrewd pirate that he is, he still needed help in his endeavours. From his crew, and sometimes from his foes too. But he had one prized possession – the one which has aided him probably the most in his quests – his compass; the one which did not point north. But he was not seeking north now, was he?

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A note to my past self

I knew this time would come. I was having a bad case of writer’s block. Heavy rains lashing out viciously on the window panes did nothing to clear my clogged mind. Nor did the hot cup of green tea I was sipping. To get some inspiration, I had to look back; again. Rummaging through some of my old effects, I came across a diary – a very old one – the book in which I had scribbled some of my earliest poems. Rhythmically broken and grammatically imperfect – but mine, nonetheless.

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One word and an emotional deluge

I have said this before, but I am going to repeat it again – we are a privileged species. This time however, the thought cropped up in my mind due to a different reason – Emotions. It is true that many living beings are capable of expressing emotions. But, none would have so much varied and distinct emotions as we, humans can express. It indeed is a gift, one which allows a social animal like us to hear, and be heard.

Now, why did I write this much? Last week, I wrote an article, rather, a (very) short story, based on a cue. I have written a few stories in the past, but this one, really touched my heart. It is not a great piece of work, at best it was a shabby effort. But somehow as I was writing the climax, I really felt reluctant to complete it. It was like I didn’t want it to end that way. But it had to, for that was the plot.

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A gloomy rainy day, with a pinch of motivation

I had never intended to share photos on this blog. It is not often that one gets a good subject and perfect conditions, given the busy-bee lives that we live (unless you are a professional, or a passionate shutterbug 😀 ). But sometimes, one does get serendipitous, and on this fine occasion, I was lucky enough to have a camera handy. Not a fancy camera, just the stock camera which comes with the mobile phones these days; good enough for a casual snap. But hey, these cameras have come a long way. Speaking of which, here’s another gorgeous snap, taken with a phone camera. While you are at it, do take a look around the blog. You’ll find a whole gamut of awesome articles. ( Added bonus: You can submit your’s too, if you are so inclined ;). And yes, I did a guest post too. My first one! )

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The dichotomy of action and inaction

“To be, or not to be: “ – thus begins the famous soliloquy of Hamlet, as he ponders over the question of life and death. That was ages ago, and Prince Hamlet probably had enough time to kill ( even though he already had his hands full 😉 ) , to be engaging in such thought experiments. Fast forward to the current era, and we find ourselves milling around, trying to survive in this world. For us, time is money, and the luxury of engaging in such thoughts is affordable only to a select few. People find it more productive to make good use of the time in hand, rather than question the purpose of their existence. (Of course, ‘good’ has a very subjective meaning; so questioning one’s existence could indeed be, for some people, making good use of their time ).

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